More Info

  • Emergency Information

    Airport Animal Emergi-Center
    5235 W. Washington Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46241
    (317) 248-0832
    Open evenings & weekends for 24/7 coverage with South 31.

  • First Time Clients

    The staff of South 31, as well as Drs. Ambrous and Shore are delighted to meet with anyone interested in the practice. Feel free to call 317-788-0893 to ask any questions you may have and/or to schedule an appointment. If email is more convenient, feel free to fill out the "Contact Us" form.

  • Payment

    To make services available, South 31 accepts all standard methods of payment -- cash, check and credit card, as well as Care Credit.

  • Pet Insurance

    In addition, South 31 accepts pet insurance. Since the Clinic deals with this on a regular basis, staff can make recommendations for good policies and providers for interested clients.

  • Location

    South 31 Veterinary Clinic is an Indianapolis office located at 5911 South US 31, about 1.5 miles south of I-465 and immediately north of the Starbucks on the East side of the intersection of US 31 and Edgewood Avenue.

    South 31 serves the entire Indianapolis metropolitan community, including Southport, Greenwood and Beech Grove.