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From one Pet Owner to Another
When you really love your pets, it goes without saying that you love everyone else's too. This natural caring instinct does not stop at home for the staff at South 31. Our work is our vocation, and the desire to care for, heal and nurture an animal carries through into our daily lives. We cannot stress enough how extremely important it is for us to maintain regular contact with our clients for continued care from the clinic to our clients' homes.

General Maintenance
Annual Vaccinations and Blood Work. Reminder Cards are sent out annually to our clients when vaccinations are due for their pets. If your pet requires regular blood work for an ongoing condition, or if it is time to see one of our veterinarians for a follow up examination, then you will receive a phone call from us to set up a convenient time to bring your pet back into the clinic.

Preventative Care
In order to educate our clients in the many needs of their pets, from puppy or kitten, through their young lives, middle years and on to senior, we will keep you informed of the best practices to keep them in tiptop shape. We will make sure that the correct testing and scheduled vaccinations are available at the right times. The clinic stays ahead by keeping up with any innovative medication and procedures that would be of benefit to our patients.

Dealing with Health Issues
We value your call. If you have concerns or questions, no matter how big or small, we want to hear from you. Combined with our veterinarians' expertise, all the information you give us helps us with diagnoses and therefore subsequent treatment for maintaining good healthcare. After all, if you call us or bring your pet in for an appointment other than for annual vaccinations or maintenance care then you have already detected a problem. What you see and then convey to us goes a long way to help us give your pet the correct treatment he or she needs. It is therefore extremely important to collectively assist one another for the well-being of your pet.

Following Up
One of the most important parts of our job is following up. After surgeries or illness we want to make sure that your pet is on the road to recovery. Keeping a channel open between our client's home and the clinic is a priority. Depending on the nature of the medical condition, following up can continue for several weeks. We want our clients to remember that we are here for them and want the best possible result for their pet.

The clinic takes much pleasure in the close contact between it's staff, our clients and of course our clients' pets. We are always happy to be visited by our four-legged friends even when they do not need any services from us! We encourage visitation for just a weigh-in or, maybe, just to get a treat and petting from one of our staff members. Regular visits like this can generate positive appointments for the future and remove some of the anxiety and stress that many pets feel when they come into the clinic. If they don't always associate us with sticking needles in them or feeling unwell, they will enjoy their visits more and not show the fear that so many pets can. Bring them in to see us. We love to see you!

Through Pinterest, the clinic conveys the latest news on important topics to pet owners. Also, check out our Facebook page for seasonal information.

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